Free download: Spooky

Free download: Spooky

Spooky is a classic jam from back in 1979 recorded by Atlanta Rhythm Section. This track has been a go to song for me and most of the musicians I’ve played with over for years. I think everyone has covered it at one time or another, as it should be.

On this track I’m playing all guitars, bass guitar and the drums I programmed using Sonar. The download is free but I would love to hear what you think of the track.

I did a little Wikipedia searching on this song and found it was first released (according to Wikipedia) in 1968 by a band called Classics IV..   Wikipedia also shows it was first an instrumental, the way I play it, written by Mike Shapiro and Harry Middlebrooks Jr in 1967. 

I hope you enjoy the free download and check out my Covers page for more free downloads.

Without music life has no soul

Featured Music May 2016

Featured Music May 2016

For this months featured tracks post or EP I thought I would include the videos for the tracks along with the sample tracks for you to enjoy.

For May I’ve put together a few of my favorite tracks and ones that I have some exciting feed back from fans on.  From what I believe is one of my best albums too date, I’m gonna let it ride. We have Solitude, Your Kiss, Never meant to make you cry, and I’m gonna let it ride. A good mix of ballad’s, blues and smooth jazz songs to take you into summer.

Jessie’s Jam a great smooth jazz jam and one of my favorites from the album R E’s Style a great album with a wide range of music.

5 great tracks, I hope you enjoy the music and the videos.


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 I hope you enjoy

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Without music, Life has no soul

Featured Music April 2016

Featured Music
April 2016

April is a month of celebration for me. So I’ve put together a special EP with a good range of jams for you to enjoy.


From the album’s
I’m gonna let it ride:
Never mean to make you cry“, A very pretty ballad with a great groove.
Your Kiss” A big sound smooth jazz jam you’ll love.
“The way you move” A funky groove with great solos.
R.E.’s Style
“I’m through” A hot blues jam that rocks
From then until now
“You’re still on my mind” A big sound smooth jazz ballad
“From then until now” A cool jazz almost acoustic jam


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 Without music, Life has no soul