First, yes R E is my real name, I’m a guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. I picked up the guitar at 10 years old and never stopped playing. I started taking real interest in piano/keyboards my first year in high school in California. During high school and college I sang in choirs and played in a number of rock and jazz bands.

As a composer my music spans a number of genres from blues, smooth jazz, ballads and rock. My love for music is not only apparent in songs writing but also in motto: “Without Music, Life has no Soul”.

I took a break from music to raise his family and during that time I stopped singing but continued to write music, play guitar and keyboards for friends and family. Each of my original songs on my site are written and played by me.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

My motto’s are: “Without Music, Life has no Soul”.

“Know Coffee Know Peace, No Coffee No Peace”

Most recent works:

Smooth As I Wanna Be


I’m Gonna Let It Ride

R.E.’s Style

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Without Music Life Has No Soul

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