New Music Release – Told Ya Copyright 2022

I’m so excited to announce the release of my 13th CD named Told Ya. This CD is a great collection of blues, power ballads and smooth jazz tracks. The title came from my better half my wife Cheryl. While I was working on the title track Told Ya, she just started singing Told Ya. As soon as she said it or sang it, I knew the name of the song and the CD. Remember to hear the full tracks, check out my YouTube channel, Spotify channel or my website.

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Living In Strange Times copyright R. E. Fort 2020

I am so excited to announce my newest CD “Living in Strange Times”. This CD was mostly written during the Covid-19 crisis. For me, living through this crisis I found myself writing a lot of music. That’s where the title came from “Living in Strange Times” or living through them.

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Announcing “Awaken The Superhero In You.” by Clifford Starks (my son)

My Thoughts

Hello family, friends and fans. I am so proud and excited to announce some very exciting news, my son Clifford Starks has released his first book. “Awaken The Superhero In You.” This is an amazing self help book that I am currently reading and can’t wait to pen a book review for him. Family first and remember Without Music Life Has No Soul

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