I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016 by R E Fort

I’m Gonna Let It Ride
[Copyright © 2016 by R E Fort]

This, my ninth album was such a joy to write. On this album I started with seven brand new tracks and one classic I had never recorded. Making eight cool tracks a mix of Ballads, Blues and Smooth Jazz. You have to check out Never meant to make you cry and the title track I’m gonna let it ride. The one classic track Summer Love, I wrote, well to long ago for me to have just released it. Summer Love is a love song with beautiful guitar picking that I’ve always heard strings in, but never found that right sound until now.  I think you will like how it turned out.

I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016


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I’m gonna let it ride – Blues/rock jam that is smoking
Never meant to make you cry – Smooth jazz/ballad I simply love.
I miss you – Ballad A straight ahead beautiful ballad or love song
Your kiss – Smooth Jazz fun with lots of energy
The way you move – Blues/Jazz/Funk jam a little hip-hop lots of fun
The Rhythm – Blues/Jazz/Funk jam a little hip-hop lots of fun
Summer Love – Ballad/Atmosphere Beautiful ballad written years ago on the guitar lush strings and picking
Solitude – Ballad/Atmosphere Soft song more ambient very relaxing or a movie theme

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