Smooth As I Wanna Be © 2019 by R.E. Fort

Smooth As I Wanna Be

This is my eleventh CD and frankly, I think it’s one of my very best. On this release, you’ll find 8 great tracks, mostly ballads and smooth jazz. Along with the smooth jazz and ballads, this CD has a few very cool blues tracks to get your feet tapping.

For you smooth jazz fans, make sure to check out the title track Smooth As I Wanna Be. For those that love ballads, check out I Can’t Say Goodbye and Never Another Love Like Our’s.

Check out these hot tracks for some hot up-tempo blues. Don’t Mess With Me, and Why Do I Keep Running Back To You. Both are awesome tracks that will get you moving.

Below the player you’ll find separate tabs that have a brief description of each track. I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do.

Smooth As I Wanna Be © 2019


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Track Descriptions

Smooth As I Wanna BeNever Another Love Like Our'sI Can't Say GoodbyeStrangers In LoveNo More TearsThe Sun Is ShiningDon't Mess With MeWhy Do I Keep Running Back To You

01 Smooth As I Wanna Be © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Smooth Jazz.

The title track, Smooth As I Wanna Be, is a great smooth jazz track with a great groove and very cool melody and solo. I love the bass guitar work and the chord changes in the track. It has a great vibe with a great sound canvas behind the melody and solos. One of my favorites.

02 Never Another Love Like Our’s © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Ballad.

This beautiful ballad, is very moving and touching. I love the simply clean but full sound of this track. Piano, Guitars and drums, keeping it simple and clean. There will never be another love like our’s Cheryl.

03 I Can’t Say Goodbye © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Ballad.

I started many years ago but struggled to find the right sound, orchestration and mood for this track. I believe I finally nailed it with this one. I Can’t Say Goodbye is one of my all time favorite ballads.

04 Strangers In Love written by Keith Fort and R.E. Fort © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Ballad.

My brother Keith and I have collaborated many times over the years and on many tracks. We’ve also had and been in a number of bands together. While chatting with him one night he showed me the chord changes he was playing around with. I asked if I could work on it with him and out of that session came this beautiful ballad. Thanks Keith this is an amazing song.

05 No More Tears © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Ballad.

I started this track while experimenting on the guitar, trying to create something like, what you hear when listening to just Native American flutes but with a acoustic guitar. From there came this haunting and beautiful track. Shortly after starting this song a good friend of the family passed away and after speaking with his widow and hearing their story, I heard and felt in her words the title of this track “No More Tears”.

06 The Sun Is Shining © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Smooth Jazz.

This is a fun summer time get outside and enjoy the sun track. I love the picking and chord changes in this track. When I listen to the melody of this track hear, The sun is shinning, so let’s get outside. This track is more of a soft rock and feel good song. I dig it.

07 Don’t Mess With Me © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Jazz Funk.

This is a rocked up, jazz/funk tune, I’ve been playing around with for a while now. I love the bass line, the hot powerful drums and the scratchy rhythm section. Nice lead too.

08 Why Do I Keep Running Back To You © 2019 by R.E. Fort Genre: Blues.

I think it was with my 4th or 5th release or CD, that dear old friend and amazing guitarist told me, “dude you are one great blues guitarist”. Which I never considered myself to be a Blues Guitarist but after going back and really listening to my music I started embrace it. This is a fun blues jam in the key of A that just keeps rocking. When my brother Keith heard it for the first time, he suggested that I add a organ part to the track. Thanks guys I love this one.

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