Life On The Other Side © 2023 by R E Fort

Life On The Other Side

[Copyright © 2023 by R. E. Fort]

Life On The Other Side is my 14th CD. With this CD I found myself focusing more on ballads and Blues tracks. When it comes to naming my songs and CD’s I always reach out to my better half and she came up with this title. Life On The Other Side. When I think of that title, I think of how time changes us in some ways. I think of a young couple walking on the beach holding hands and an older couple watching them while they are sitting holding hands. In just that image alone you see how life, on the other side will be for us, if we let it be. Click here for Track details or here for videos. I hope you enjoy the music.

Life On The Other Side © 2023


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Track Details

Life On The Other Side: is a soulful blues ballad. On this track, all of the guitar work is my work horse, the Fender Acoustic Electric. The counter melody is played using a Rhodes Electric piano sound with the Fender Acoustic Electric. The melody for this track is played using a Grand Piano sound and the Fender Acoustic Electric. That solo, is really my Fender Acoustic Electric with my rock solo effects on. I love the way that solo sounds on this track.

There’s Never Enough Time: is a very beautiful ballad and one of my favorites. I love the play between the Fender Acoustic Electric and the Grand Piano for the melody. The chords are from a Rhodes electric piano sound with soft rising strings. I love the way the solo on the Gibson SG sounds on this soft track; it gives the track a new vibe. I hear in this track, “Why is there never enough time. But we will find a way”.

There’ll Be Time For Us: is a ballad about time and love, like most on this CD. This one is almost a prayer, that there will be time for us. I am playing the melodies on my Rhodes electric piano sound, my Martin acoustic electric and a little with the Stratocaster. The solo is the Fender Acoustic eclectic. I hear “one day you will see that we will have time.”

Love’s All I Have To Give: is a soulful ballad and so beautiful. I always hear, Loves All I have, I can’t give any more than that “. On this one I am playing the melodies on the Grand Piano sound and my Fender Acoustic Electric. The chords in this track are played using the Rhodes electric piano sound. The solo is also played on the Fender Acoustic electric. I love the way I come in with that solo on this track. This one is simple and clean with just Guitars, Keys, Bass and Drums.

Listen To Your Heart: is a beautiful ballad simple and clean. I was listening to my daughter humming a melody and was inspired to start writing. Expanding on what I heard and building this track. I love the strings in this one with that grand piano playing the melody. The Fender Acoustic sounds great on this track as the alternate melody and soon becoming the main melody for the track.

All I Need Is In Your Eyes: I hear in this track “All I need to survive, is in your eyes”. The melody came first on this track as with Listen to Heart. In this track I kept it simple, Grand Piano for the chords with Soft Strings rising. The bass guitar is busy with a simple moving bass to keep with some very cool drums or percussion. The melody is played using a Fender Rhodes piano sound and my Gibson SG.

Why Don’t Ya Just Let Us Play: On this track I started playing with the bass guitar first and later recorded the rhythm guitar track. Keys and Horns came later. On this one I wanted a big blues / rock / fusion track that would get you moving. That drum programming was a blast to work on. I used the SG for the chords and melody and the Fender Stratocaster for the solo on the end of the track.

Just Kick Back and Relax: came about as a fun little jam. I feel like it’s cruising around town or while walking along a boardwalk, just humming a sweet little melody. On this one I am playing my Martin acoustic electric for all guitar work. I am playing the Grand Piano sound for the melody and the Rhodes Electric piano is playing chords.

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