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Hello, I’m R. E. Fort and welcome back to my podcast and August’s Featured Tracks Playlist. With all the talk about AI and ChatGPT I thought why not ask ChatGPT what are some of my top tracks. When it came back with five of my favorite tracks, I decided to use them. So, in this list, these are the tracks, Blues Ain’t Blue Enough, Smooth as I Wanna Be, Gemini Crossing, Life on the Other Side and Why Don’t Ya Just Let Us Play. You can find the links to the playlists that I created and placed on my website at refort.co/playlist or find them on my YouTubeYouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes or Amazon Music sites. Let’s get to the playlist. 

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Starting us off is Blues Ain’t Blue Enough from my CD Told Ya. This blues track is so cool. On this track I am using a killer Hammond organ sound for the melody along with my Fender Stratocaster. When I first let my son hear the track he said “Blues ain’t blue enough for this track” and so it was named. Let’s give Blues Ain’t Blue Enough a listen.   

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Next up is Smooth as I Wanna Be from my CD Smooth As I Wanna Be. This track is, just a killer Smooth Jazz track. The track came about while I was playing around with chords and voicing. I love the bass guitar work and the chord changes in the track. It has a great vibe with a great sound canvas behind the melody and solos. The drum programming on this track was a blast to put together. Let’s give Smooth as I Wanna Be a listen.   

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Next up is Gemini Crossing from my cd 10. This acoustic blues jam is so much fun. On this track I kept it very simple, with just acoustic guitars for the chords, melody and solo. A cool and busy bass line, with some very cool up-tempo drum programming. Somehow, I have overlooked adding this track to my featured track playlist for some time now. So, it’s about time to bring it back. I do love these acoustic jams. Let’s give Gemini Crossing a listen. 

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Next up is Life on the Other Side from my cd Life on the Other Side. This soulful blues ballad is such a cool song. On this track, all the guitar work is my work horse, the Fender Acoustic Electric. The counter melody is played using a Rhodes Electric piano sound and guitar. The melody for this track is played on a Grand Piano sound and that same Fender Acoustic Electric. That solo is really my Fender Acoustic with my rock solo effects on. I love the way that solo sounds on this track. Let’s give Life on the Other Side a listen. 

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The last track on August’s playlist is Why Don’t Ya Just Let Us Play from my most recent cd, Life On The Other Side. On this one I wanted a big blues, rock, fusion track that would get you moving. Sometimes a song comes from the piano or the guitar line or in this case the bass guitar. I was playing my bass and working with different drum patterns when the rest came to me. That drum programming was a blast to work on. I used the Gibson SG for the chords and melody and my Fender Stratocaster for the solo at the end of the track. This track is big, loud, in your face and a lot of fun. Let’s give Why Don’t Ya Just Let Us Play a listen. 

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Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode and get a chance to listen to the full tracks and remember you can find links to YouTubeYouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes or Amazon Music all on my website refort.co/playlist. The music opening and what’s behind my voice on this podcast is a track named So Cool from my cd 10. Thanks for listening and as always, Without Music, Life Has No Soul. 

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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