Told Ya © 2022 by R E Fort

Told Ya

[Copyright © 2022 by R E Fort]

Told Ya is my 13th CD. In this CD I decided to focus more on ballads and smooth jazz tracks that move you. With that said, when a good blues track comes to mind, you have to finish it. I decided to name the cd Told Ya, after my bride Cheryl was listening to the track Told Ya, came up with the name. On this CD I brought back horns and strings along with A few tracks written in 6/8 time signature. I hope you enjoy the music.

Told Ya

Told Ya © 2022


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The tracks on this album are:

Told Ya, has 8 eight new tracks spanning Ballads, Power Ballads, Smooth Jazz and Blues tracks. This 13th CD of mine, in my mind is truly one of my very best.

Just One Chance Genre: Power Ballad. Temp: 90 Time signature: 6/8. Another power ballad with a killer melody and groove. 

Told Ya Genre: Ballad. Temp: 82 Time Signature: 4/4. This track is a smooth jazz ballad that Cheryl my wife and better half named when she first heard the me writing it. She heard the way the chords start and sang out “Told Ya” ( got to love her).

Just Stay Genre: Power Ballad. Temp: 60 Time Signature: 4/4. Just Stay is a big song and one I would call a power ballad.

I’m Here For You Genre: Ballad. Temp: 60 Time Signature: 4/4. This is a beautiful ballad that I really love.

For All The Good Times Genre: Jazz+Funk. Temp: 90 Time Signature: 6/8. This track is just fun. Upbeat and moving with lots of killer licks.

Blues Ain’t Blue Enough Genre: Blues. Temp: 90 Time Signature: 6/8. I love a good blues track and this one is killer. My son Chris, an amazing pianist, heard it and said “Blue’s Ain’t Blue enough dad” and so it was named. 

Starry Night With You Genre: Jazz. Temp: 90 Time Signature: 4/4. This track is more like my traditional jazz tracks with complex chord changes and a cool bass line.

Day and Night Genre: Power Ballad. Temp: 92 Time signature: 4/4. A very cool power ballad or smooth jazz ballad.

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