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The videos below where created by me using photos I’ve taken and some video content I found online. All the music is my copyrighted content. I love photography and take a lot of pictures mostly scenic shots. I’ve taken some of those photos and turned them into music videos. If the stream doesn’t start automatically, click here to open my YouTube channel.


My YouTube topics channel

The videos below, were created by my distribution partner CDBaby and hosted by them and YouTube. These include three of my CD’s “Smooth As I Wanna Be”, “10” and “I’m Gonna Let It Ride” all available on streaming networks everywhere.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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  1. Jessie’s Jam. from my cd R.E.’s Style. This is a cool upbeat smooth jazz song with a big sound, driving beat, cool guitar licks and a great string and horn section. This is one of my favorites from R.E.’s Style

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