So Cool

So Cool

This track is one of those cool jazz jams that gets your feet tapping. As I started writing the song on my Stratocaster I knew I wanted it to have the true blues/jazz feel, so I switched up with went to my 1980’s Schafer hollow body. As I started writing the bass guitar part, I knew had to add those cool little hammer-on’s. I really love the bass line in this track.

With most of the songs on 10 and this track I wanted to keep it simple, just guitars. So on So Cool I’m playing my Fender Stratocaster for the solo work, my 1980’s Schafer hollow body for the melody and chords and my Cort Bass with very little effects. I love the drum programming on this track I think it came out sweet. This track always makes me think of a smoky jazz club, a quartet on stage just laying it down. So if any one has any video footage of a smoky club looking out at the people send it on and it will be part of that the full length video once I release it.

Check back soon I will be posting a full length video of this track and others later this month.

So Cool from the CD 10
Copyright 2017, Genre = Blues + Smooth Jazz 

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So Cool
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