Chasing Aries sample video

Chasing Aries

This track Chasing Aries, was the first song I started with when writing the new CD 10. As I started writing the song on my acoustic, I wanted to keep it simple, just guitars. I’m playing my Fender Acoustic Electric for rhythm and solo’s and my Cort Bass with very little effects. The programming of the drums took a lot of time and effort. I never just find a sample and run with it, I’m always peeking and tweaking those drum samples to get them to fit the song and my needs. This track was a lot of fun to write play and master. I love the bass-line, melody and chord changes on this song. Check back soon I will be posting a full length video of this track later this month or in early April. 

Chasing Aries from the CD 10
Copyright 2017, Genre = Blues + Smooth Jazz 

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