Book Review: Fire Catcher

Hello fellow readers, I’m R. E. Fort and welcome back to my podcast and this episode of Book Reviews. In this review, I’m covering the 15th book in Ty Hutchinson’s Abby Kane FBI Thriller series, Fire Catcher. Let’s get to the review.

Podcast – Book Review – Fire Catcher – Music – There’s Never Enough Time

The Abby Kane Thrillers are what got me hooked on Ty Hutchinson. There is something about this character that just hooked me from the start. I don’t know if it’s her no-nonsense approach to life and her career or her dedication to family and friends. But there is something about Abby Kane books that always gets me excited.

Without giving away any spoilers, this book opens with a bang, in fact five of them. While Abby is out for her morning run before heading to work. She hears the first of what will become five explosions out on the bay. A total of five Ferry boats exploded within minutes of each other.

With an incident of this size, the alphabet soup, ATF, DEA, DHS, CBP and of course the FBI are all on the case. Not to mention, her father and Son both poking around behind her back. All searching for whoever is crazy enough to blowup five Ferry’s, during the morning commute, killing hundreds of people. Navigating these waters proves to be tougher than expected.

While heading back to the office after getting some information from maintenance yards for the Ferry’s. They are rushed into a room for a call with someone that calls themselves the Fire Catcher. And the race to catch a madman is on.

I found this book very captivating and exciting. I was sucked in by the action and into the lives of Abby’s children and her ex-spy father. Ty always finds a way to bring his characters to life with what would seem to be small things that later prove to be key or very useful to the story.  Now, on my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I must give Fire Catcher, a solid, 5. This story is one heck of a page turner.

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