Featured Tracks Playlist April 2024

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Hello, I’m R E Fort and welcome back to my podcast and this episode of my Featured Tracks Playlist. In this Featured Tracks Playlist April 2024, I really wanted to bring in a few of my favorite tracks and a few that I haven’t shared in some time. So, in this playlist we have six tracks, The Sun Is Shining, Summer Love, Walk In The Rain, Just Kick Back and Relax, Starry Nights with You and Latin Dreams. As always you can find links to this playlist for YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Amazon Music, in this post and on my website at refort.co/playlist. Let’s get to the playlist.  

Podcast and playlist – Featured Tracks Playlist April 2024

Podcast Featured Tracks Playlist – April – 2024

The Tracks

The Sun Is Shining

Starting off this playlist is, The Sun Is Shining from my 2019 CD Smooth As I Wanna Be. In this track I am playing my Fender Acoustic electric for all of the guitar work. A style of playing the guitar that I really enjoy is called fingerstyle or picking. This is where you pluck the strings directly with the fingertips. I love the sound of chords played that way it sounds so beautiful to me. On this track, I am using a flute sound on the melody along with the Fender acoustic electric. I’m also using soft strings and piano on this track to keep things moving. I do here the words The sun is shining, so let’s get outside in the melody of this feel good track. Let’s give The Sun Is Shining, a listen.  

Summer Love

Next up is, Summer Love from my 2016 CD I’m Gonna Let it Ride. This track was actually written back in the early 80’s but back then I wasn’t able to find the instruments I wanted or heard in my head that I wanted in this track. So as time went, by I found those great sounding strings for the orchestra sections of the track. This is another one of those guitar picking songs. I played all of the guitar work on my Fender acoustic electric. The strings really accent the guitar work on this beautiful ballad. Let’s give Summer Love a listen. 

A Walk In The Rain

Next up, is Walk In The Rain from my 2017 CD 10. This one was almost named relax because of the feeling it invokes when listening to it. This track is a soft beautiful ballad with some beautiful guitar picking played on my Fender Acoustic Electric. The track has a great sounds canvas of strings and soft pianos to fill out the song. On this track there are no drums. I use a baby Grand Piano sound on this track for the melody and chord changes. I love the interplay between the piano and guitar on the melody, chorus and the chord changes of this track. Let’s give Walk In The Rain a listen. 

Just Kick Back and Relax

Next up is Just Kick Back and Relax from my 2023 CD Life on The Other Side. When I listen to this track I think I should be driving along the coast or walking along a boardwalk, just humming a sweet little melody. On this one I am playing my Martin acoustic electric for all the guitar work. I am playing the Grand Piano sound for the melody and the Rhodes Electric Piano sound is playing the chords. This track is a feel good and relaxing song. Let’s give Just Kick Back and Relax, a listen.   

Starry Night With You

Next up is Starry Nights With You from my 2022 CD Told Ya. This track is what I call a cool jazz track. It has some very complex chord changes, a cool bass line and a great rhythm section. I’m playing my Ibanez hollow body for all the guitar work on this track. On keyboards, I’m using a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano sound for the chords and I backup the melody using a Grand Piano sound. Let’s give Starry Nights With You a listen.

Latin Dreams

Next up and the last track in this playlist is Latin Dreams from my 2020 CD Living in Strange Times. I started writing this track while on a cruise of the Mexican Riviera. There was something about that vacation, maybe the locations or the people that moved me to start writing. On this track I mixed a cool Latin Afro drum section with a Modern Soul drum section. I kept this track very clean, with just Drums, Bass Guitar, and my Fender Acoustic Electric Guitar. With its cool drum programming, very complex chord changes and that great melody, this track just seems to float on the wind. I really love this track groove. Let’s give Latin Dreams a listen.

Well I hope you enjoyed this episode and get a chance to listen to the full tracks on either my YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Amazon Music sites. Remember you can find links to this playlist and those sites in this post and on my website at refort.co/playlist. The song opening and closing this podcast is the track named So Cool from my cd 10. Thanks for listening, and as always, Without Music, Life Has No Soul. Thanks

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