Told Ya © 2022

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Told Ya © 2022
Told Ya © 2022
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Told Ya Copyright R. E. Fort © 2022

I am so excited to announce the release of my 13th CD Tod Ya. Some of the tracks on this CD were started while I was finishing up the cd Living In Strange Times. While writing the new CD Told Ya, I wanted a smooth jazz power ballad rich CD with a great grove and feel to it.

The eight tracks on Told Ya, are a great mix of instrumental ballads, power ballads, Smooth Jazz and new great blues track. Once again, my sister Jennell provided me with a great photo that she took off the coast of California.

I decided to name the cd Told Ya, after my bride Cheryl was listening to the title track Told Ya, came up with the name. On this CD I brought back horns and strings along with a few tracks written in 6/8 time signature.

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Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.


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