Book Review: The Aurora Project We were not the first (Eemians Book 1)

Hello fellow readers, I’m R. E. Fort and welcome back to my podcast and this episode of Book Reviews. In this review, I’m covering Paul McGowan’s The Aurora Project We were not the first (Eemians Book 1). The backing track in this post is the title track from my 2020 CD Living in Strange Times. You can find this CD and others on all music streaming services and all my music can be found on my website Let’s get to the review. 


Podcast – Book Review – The Aurora Project (Eemians Book 1)Living in Strange Times

The Aurora Project is an amazing story that opens with a little history lesson of humanity and a question that makes you stop and think. The question is, we have been taught that our civilization began 12,000 years ago after the glaciers melted. But what if we were not the first.  That thought provoking question is what made me pick up this book. 

A group of scientists, while studying the glaciers in Greenland, watch in horror as a helicopter starts landing near their basecamp, jeopardizing everyone at the camp. After the stranger’s land and almost cause an avalanche, the scientists watch the occupants step out of the helicopter. They are shocked by their height; they almost seem like giants. They start asking firmly, where is he?  The surprised scientists have no idea who or what they are talking about. After the strangers repeat the questions, where is Satsky? The scientist confessed he’s not there, and they don’t know where he is. As the strangers leave, they intentionally cause a landslide burying the scientists under the ice leaving them for dead.  

Later we are introduced to Sam Sawyer, one of the heroes of the story. Sam has flown from the university in Texas he’s attending, to Greenland. He’s traveled to study with professor Satsky and is very excited to meet and study with him. Once he makes the trip to a remote location the professor is working at, he realizes this study trip will be more than he expected. Little did he know that this study trip would not only change his life, but it will put him and the rest of the team in jeopardy. 

Now on a scale of 1 to 5 a 1 being don’t bother and a 5 a real page turner. I’m going to give The Aurora Project a solid 4. This story is full of great twists and turns but maybe a little too much in character development. This is the first of three books in the series, and I am reading the second one. With that said I still think it’s a great read.

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