Announcing “Awaken The Superhero In You.” by Clifford Starks (my son)

Hello family, friends and fans. I am so proud and excited to announce some very exciting news, my son Clifford Starks has released his first book. “Awaken The Superhero In You.” I love the subtitle of this book “Think BIG Plan Better and Act With Passion.”

Clifford released an amazing self help book that I am currently reading and can’t wait to pen a book review for his first book Awaken The Superhero In You. A little history about Clifford, Clifford joined the Fort family when he was 6 years old and it has been my honor and pleasure raising this young man to be come the man he is today. Clifford has achieved a number of amazing things in his life journey, from being a wrestler and graduating from ASU, being a husband, a father, a UFC fighter, a personal trainer, a Transformational Coach and now he adds, author to his list of impressive achievements. Great job son, I cant wait to finish reading your book and seeing where this book takes you, congratulations.

Everyone please go on Amazon or open your Amazon kindle app and purchase this great book.

Awaken The Superhero In You

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I Hope you enjoy

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