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Hello friend’s family and music fans. I am so excited to announce my newest CD “Living in Strange Times“. This CD was mostly written during the Covid-19 crisis. For me, living through this crisis with social distancing, social unrest and missing our family and friends, I found myself writing a lot of music. That’s where the title came from “Living in Strange Times” or living through them.

This CD is a mix of blues, smooth jazz, and ballads. The title track, Living in Strange Times is an awesome blues track with this cool feel and rhythm to it. Far from Home is a blues track that has a great vibe, great piano and guitar solos and is simply beautiful. Run with Me, came about while I was playing around with time signatures in this case 6/8. I found that I love that time signature and the track is just awesome. Latin Dreams was written during our cruise of the Mexican Rivera it has what I call, an Afro Latin Jazz feel to it. Tired is a great blues track written in 6/8-time signature. I hear “I am tired of not being seen” throughout this song. After the Gig was named by my wife, she felt this song was one of those you would hear just before the band tares down at the end of the gig. Let me Take you Away is a wonderful ballad. Both Let Me Take You Away and Latin Dreams where inspired by that cruise of the Mexican Rivera, the amazing views, sounds, tastes, and experience of that cruise. My Haunted Mind is a very cool jazz blues track with a spooky feel to it. Our Time is a wonderful ballad or love song I named and wrote for my wife. Last on the CD is “Know that your loved” this started off as a lullaby but quickly changed to a smooth jazz ballad. This track ties in the hope that we will all get through this together. This CD, Living in Strange Times, has a great feel to it, to me, my best CD showcasing my favorite styles of music and my exploration of music. I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I do. Keep your eyes and ears open for this CD to be streaming all over music sites.

Living In Strange Times

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