I’m Gonna Let It Ride video

I'm Gonna Let It Ride

I’m Gonna Let It Ride is the title track for the CD and one of my favorite blues rock tracks that I’ve written. This track features a hot bass track, cool rhythm guitar track, drums and a very hot lead/solo. In this track I played my Fender Stratocaster for both rhythm and lead work. 

I’ve been asked a few times about the Mustang in the CD artwork. Well that was my pony back while I was writing this CD. The photo was taken at Saguaro Lake in the greater Phoenix area. It’s an absolutely beautiful drive  with some amazing views. There are actually two videos for this track on my YouTube channel. The other video can be found here it has photos of some of my guitars and a shots taken from a drive through the mountains in Angels Crest in California where I grew up. I hope you enjoy the video. 

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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