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I’m so excited to announce the release of my 13th CD named Told Ya. This CD is a great collection of blues, power ballads and smooth jazz tracks. The title came from my better half my wife Cheryl. While I was working on the title track Told Ya, she just started singing Told Ya. As soon as she said it, or sang it I new the name of the song and the CD.

01 | Day and Night - Power Ballad02 | Just One Chance - Power Ballad03 | Told Ya - Ballad04 | Just Stay - Power Ballad05 | I'm here for you - Ballad06 | For all the good times - Jazz+Funk07 | Blues Ain't Blue Enough - Blues08 | Starry Night Alone with you - Jazz

Day and Night – Power Ballad
Temp: 92 Time signature: 4/4

The first track in this CD is called Day and Night, A very cool power ballad or smooth jazz ballad. I am playing my Ibanez Hollow Body Electric Guitar on the melody and solo for this track. On the bass I’m playing my Cort bass giving this track that cool walking bass line. On keyboards, I am using Rhodes electric piano sound with just a bit of drive for the chords. The melody is played using a Grand Piano sound and I added some strings and horns to help drive the track. Let’s give Day and Night a listen

Just One Chance – Power Ballad
Temp: 90 Time signature: 6/8

Just One Chance, I’m playing again the Ibanez Hollow Body Electric Guitar on the melody and believe it or not that solo is played on my Fender Acoustic Electric Guitar ran through Guitar Rig 6. The same Fender Acoustic Electric is playing the rhythm. On keyboards, the Rhodes electric piano covers the chords. The melody is the Grand Piano sound. The soft strings really help fill the track out. Let’s give Just One Chance a listen.

Told Ya – Ballad
Temp: 82 Time Signature: 4/4

Told Ya, I’m playing the Ibanez Hollow Body guitar for the rhythm and the melody. The solo is the Fender Stratocaster. The walking bassline in this track is a blast to play and write. On the keyboard side, I have horns and strings accenting throughout the song. For the piano chords, I’m using the Rhodes electric piano sound. And as I mentioned my bride and better half named this track while I was writing it. She said she heard the way the chords started and said “Told Ya” ( got to love her). This is one very cool track with a big sound that keeps growing. Let’s give Told Ya a listen.

Just Stay – Power Ballad
Temp: 60 Time Signature: 4/4

Just Stay, Is what I would call a power ballad. I’m playing the Ibanez Hollow Body guitar for the melody along with the Grand Piano sound. The guitar solo is played using the Gibson SG. The Strings and Horns in this track push this track to the next level. This is a big song, starting off soft and simple with just Rhodes electric piano and bass guitar but this track really builds. The third section of this track takes the song to a new level. With horns, strings, killer walking bass line and a killer guitar solo on top. Just Stay in my mind is one of my best songs ever. Let’s give Just Stay a listen.

I’m Here For You – Ballad
Temp: 60 Time Signature: 4/4

I’m Here For You, I’m playing the piano opening and chords on the Rhodes electric piano sound and the melody is the Grand Piano sound. The guitar melody is played on the Fender Acoustic Eclectic. The top lick on the chorus is a soft string sound separated from the other strings throughout the song. This is another big ballad with a beautiful melody and chorus.  Let’s give I’m Here For You a listen.

For All The Good Times – Jazz+Funk 
Temp: 90 Time Signature: 6/8

For All The Good Times, sometimes you just have to write what makes you smile and this track really does, it still makes me smile. This track is just fun. I love playing cool licks on the guitar and keyboards, talking back and forth to each other. In this track they are in a conversation. The walking bass guitar, sets the rules for the conversation. The Piano chords I played the Rhodes electric piano sound and the melody is the Grand Piano sound. The guitar melody and solo is played on the Gibson SG. The guitar chords I played the Fender Acoustic Eclectic. While writing this track I almost named it Just for Fun but as time went by I realized we needed something different, something to reminds us of all the good times, and this track reminds me all those great times. Let’s give For All The Good Times a listen.

Blues Ain’t Blue Enough – Blues
Temp: 90 Time Signature: 6/8

Blues Ain’t Blue Enough, What can I say when a blues jams comes to my mind I have to write it out. I’m playing the Fender Stratocaster for the melody and solo. The walking bass in this track is just cool. On the keyboard side I’m playing the piano chords using the Grand Piano sound, and the Hammond Organ sound is covering the melody and keyboard solo. This track has some very cool drum programming in that I did. Just the four instruments on this great blues track. When I was writing this track I let my son Chris, an amazing pianist listen to the track and he said “Blue’s Ain’t Blue enough for this track dad” and so it was named. Let’s give Blues Ain’t Blue Enough a listen.

Starry Night Alone With You – Jazz
Temp: 90 Time Signature: 4/4

Starry Night Alone With You, This track is more like my traditional jazz tracks with complex chord changes and a cool walking bass line. I’m playing the Ibanez Hollow Body guitar for the rhythm and the melody. I’m playing the chords on the Rhodes electric piano sound and the melody again is on the Grand Piano sound. The first section has some very complex chord changes and fingering. The bass guitar is walking away with this track. Let’s give Starry Night Alone With You a listen.

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