Book Review: A Book of Villains (Mui Thriller Series 4)

Hello, I’m R E Fort, Happy Juneteenth and Happy Father’s Day and welcome to my website, and podcast episodes Book Reviews. In this book review, I’m covering, A Book of Villains, the last in the Ty Hutchinson series, named Mui Thrillers. The sample track is My Haunted Mind from Living In Strange Times. You can find it and others on my YouTube, Spotify channels, iTunes and my website Let’s get to the review.

A Book of Villains (Mui Thriller Series 4)
by Ty Hutchinson

      Book Review of - A Book of Villains - Podcast - R E Fort

A book of Villains is 281 pages of action. This is the forth in the Mui Thrillers, and Mui is in more danger then she has ever been. But with the help of her friends and some elite members of the staff at Confrere Preparatory Academy, they may just save her.

When Mui’s best friend and boyfriend both report Mui is missing to the Assistant Head Master Ms. Black, she brings in the Head Master and they quickly put together that Mui has been kidnaped and it has to do with the book.

Once they contact her mother Sei, she’s convinced and terrified that Mui’s father has her. Using her as a pawn in his sick game of revenge.

As I’ve said before, Ty is an excellent writer, and this series has been a great example. I couldn’t put it down. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give A Book of Villains is a solid, 5. This is a captivating story and a great read.

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