The Music: My Haunted Mind

In this post, we do a deep dive into one of the songs from the new CD “Living in Strange Times”, the track is “My Haunted Mind”. Full disclosure, this is my wife’s favorite track on the CD. To hear the song without me talking over it, click the play button on the Spotify player below, also find me on Spotify, iTunes, and your favorite music streaming services. So, let’s get to the deep dive.

      The Music - My Haunted Mind
My Haunted Mind Copyright 2020

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My Haunted Mind Copyright 2020 R E Fort Jr.

During our Covid-19 crisis, I started writing a lot of new music and this song came about during this strange time. The song started out as nothing more than playing around on the bass guitar. When I am in my writing phase, sometimes it starts with a stringed instrument, an acoustic guitar, or the bass guitar. Other times it starts with the piano. In this case the track started out on the bass guitar and much slower, with a very different grove or feel to it. Once I had everything in place a cool bass guitar line, drums, and keys, I thought I was done, the song was done and ready for release. So, I reached out to some of my fellow musicians to get their input.

My brother, Keith Fort, loved the track and had some cool suggestions about the rhythm track. Keith is a drummer, keyboardist, and bass guitar player so I tend to listen to his ideas. He thought it would be awesome with a different drum track. So, I started playing around with different rhythms, drums, and speeds and after playing around including using bongos only. I somehow set the Beats Per Minutes or BPM to 120. I turned off the bass and solo guitar work, and just listened to the keyboards and drums, and I was hooked. So, back to the guitars I go and started recording the bass guitar line, melody, and solos again at this faster time or BPM and WOW I really loved it.

Now, I love both version of this track but because the electronic copyright office only allows you 10 tracks now at a time, I had to make a choice. So, the upbeat/cool jazz version won out. The hock of the song came about accidentally while playing the bass guitar, so I decided to echo or repeat it using piano and melody guitar work. The track is written in the key of C minor which I must admit is one of my favorites. C minor is one of those musical keys that has a dark or mysterious sound to it. Hence the title My Haunted Mind. The transition or chorus is in G minor but walks around a bit and drops you back with a nice transition chord that leads to the C minor. I must admit, I agree with my better half, this is one of my favorite tracks on Living in Strange Times. I will do more of these deep dives into my music and how I create songs in more post. But for now, enjoy the music and as always remember, Without Music Life Has No Soul.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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