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Hello I’m R E FORT and welcome to my PodCast and my Website. In this The May Featured Tracks playlist post and episode I am featuring four awesome tracks. I’m also celebrating a few special events, my Daughter’s birthday, which is this month, and some events that happened in April, like my oldest son’s birthday, my daughter-in-laws birthday, my second grandson’s first giggle, oh and my birthday too. All four tracks in this post are available on your favorite streaming and download service, like YouTube and Spotify so, let’s get to the music.

The first track in this post is My Haunted Mind from the 2020 release Living In Strange Times. I wrote this track during the covid-19 lockdown last year. The track is a very cool smooth jazz / blues track with a very haunting feel to it and some cool guitar and bass guitar work. Let’s give My Haunted Mind a listen.

Next up is a beautiful ballad named Never Another Love Like Ours from the 2019 release Smooth as I wanna Be. This track has a beautiful melody, chorus and very cool 3rd section that very moving. Let’s give Never Another Love Like Ours a listen.

Sticking with ballads and the CD Smooth As I Wanna Be, is the track I Can’t Say Goodbye. This track, to be honest has been around for a long time. I wrote this track well, I guess a good 15 years ago. Back then I didn’t feel it was ready for release until this cd came around. It has had many names over the years but once I finished the walking bass line and added the soft and subtle strings, it was ready to go. Let’s give I Can’t Say Goodbye a listen.

Moving on to the CD 10 I released in 2017 is a very cool smooth jazz ballad named One Step Closer To You. This Smooth jazz track has a cool walking bass line that is a blast to play. I love the melody of this track and the chorus section. The solo’s on this track are fun bouncing back between guitar and keyboards. Considering I am playing all instruments this is as close as I get to playing with another musician. Let’s give One Step Closer To You a listen.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music. As always,

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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