Why instrumentals?

Why instrumentals?

Over the years people have asked me why I write instrumentals? Those who have known me for years remember me singing in choir’s and in bands, so why instrumentals? That’s a good question, well it’s not the smoking or my love of scotch that stopped me from singing 😆  My voice is fine, in fact I make a living talking all day and doing online videos, click here to see how I make a living. No, to me music should move you and a good song should move you without words.

When I am writing the melody of a song, the part of the song that tells the story. I hear the words in my head, in my heart and some cases I have written the lyrics for a few. But the music should and must move you first. For me I write with a focus on getting that right hook for the melody and chorus and playing that through my guitars or piano.

Let’s look at a good song, the melody tells the story and the chorus sums it up. In most cases the chorus is the title of the song and is that part you walk away humming, it’s the heart of a good song. Without words, only a title, I am allowing you to fill in the words you feel for that melody and chorus. 

Here are three of my favorite ballads from “I’m gonna let it ride” with a little explanation of their meaning and a hint at the lyrics of the song. Now that you understand how to let your heart and soul hear the words that I am playing, hopefully your inner voice is free to sing the words you hear?

“I’m gonna let it ride”im gonna let it ride-1500

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I miss you
Is about missing and longing for a loved one. I hear in the chorus at about 40 seconds into the song, “I miss you like the sun misses the moon, like the desert misses the rain”. What do you hear?

Your Kiss
Is about joy and love, relishing in the passion and joy you feel when you kiss that special someone. The person who makes your heart sing. In the chorus, about 55 seconds in I hear “there is something about your kiss that makes my heart sing”. What do you hear and how does it make you feel?

Never meant to make you cry
About 20 seconds into I hear the title of this song, the flute sounds actually plays it first. The rest is “I only wanted to hold you and show you how much I care”. What do you hear and how does it make you feel?

Without music, Life has no soul

All music © Copyright 2016 by R.E. Fort

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