Book review: The Atlantis Plague

Book review: The Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle

 This review covers the second book in the trilogy The Atlantis Plague.  An amazing techno-thriller that will have you up late trying flipping pages.

The Atlantis Plague is fast paced, so fast in fact I was done with it way before I knew it. The story opens 70,000 years ago in what is now present day Somalia when two scientist are awakened early from their hibernation. When their ship warns them of a pending extinction level event, the explosion of a super volcano.  This event sets the stage for what is to come in the rest of the book. The scientists are studying us, the human race and have been for some time. Their next actions change our history at first for the better and later some 70,000 years in the future puts mankind on the brink if extinction again.

Skipping ahead to present day Kate a science with a very unique and strange past, is working to find a cure for a plague that has been released across the entire planet. David the man who has saved her and she him countless times is beside her protecting her and in awe of her brilliance.

A.G. Riddle has created some very complex characters. With story line that loops historical, scientific details and pure science fiction into a wonderful ride. 

On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give The Atlantis Plague a solid 5. This is a most read if you’re into action, intrigue and suspense. I’m sure you will enjoy. I am reading book 3 now The Atlantis World ,so keep your eyes open for a review on what has been a great squeal.

The tracks playing are from my latest album “I’m gonna let it ride” I hope you enjoy

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