Tyson’s Lullaby – video

Tyson’s Lullaby, from the CD 10 was created for my grandson Tyson Starks. The video is a slide show of baby photos of Tyson’s first year. I started writing this track once the news of becoming a grandfather hit me.

As I sat holding this little wonder I realized what my mother had told me years ago was right, there is nothing like a grandchild. Tyson came into this world on August 29th 2016. From the first moment I held him in my arms I knew I loved this little man and he had a special place in my heart. As a father a three-amazing grown up children, having your first grandchild really does change everything.

I hope you enjoy

Happy Birthday my little BooBoo Bear. Papa loves you

Tyson’s Lullaby © Copyright 2017 R.E. Fort from the album 10

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