Featured Music: October 2017

Featured Music: October 2017

This month in celebration my wife’s birthday and our anniversary. I’ve put together 5 track’s of ballads to enjoy. Reaching back to my first recording for my wife’s title song, Cheryl’s Song Happy birthday & anniversary my love

I hope you enjoy

Cheryl's Song
Cheryl’s Song A soothing mellow ballad with cool effects, and a nice melody from my release Lust Love and Other Distractions. I’ve added this track to celebrate our anniversary and my wife’s birthday. Happy birthday and anniversary my lady

 One Step Closer To You  A smooth jazz ballad from my release, 10. I keep hearing in the chorus of the song, “With every breath I take, I get one step closer to you.” What a great grove this track has.

Take My Hand
Take My Hand A beautiful ballad from my release, From Then Until Now. Released: 2013. Easy listening with a soft melody played on a Fender acoustic electric. 

You’re Still On My Mind A smooth jazz ballad from my release, From Then Until Now. Released: 2013. This bright fun and moving track brings an upbeat and moving groove. 

It’s Always Been You A piano ballad from my release, R.E.’s Style. This ballad starts soft but builds to a big love song. With a soft moving melody played on a Ibanez Nylon acoustic electric and finishes with a sweet solo from the Stratocaster.

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I Hope you enjoy

Without music, Life has no soul

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