R.E.’s Style

R.E.’s Style

[Copyright © 2015 by R.E. Fort]


R.E.’s Style is a collection of seven new and three classic’s never released songs. Each track, an expression of my thoughts, feelings and each has a story to tell, if you only listen. From blues to ballads with some soft rock and smooth jazz to mix it out. This CD has been a blast to write and create.

I’m through, Is a very cool blues jam that once I started writing, I had to lay it down and add it to the release. I had the tune for Be mine tonight stuck in my mind so sat at the piano I started writing. I then picked up a guitar to start laying down the melody. This is one of  favorite ballads.

The usual, I started on the guitar with those opening chords and evolved quickly into the groove that it is. Jessie’s jam, I wrote in Las Vegas visiting my daughter. It’s always been you, is in my mind one of the prettiest piano songs I’ve written with a string section that’s just awesome and really drives the song forward.

The three classics songs are, Long road home, As time goes by and Song for a friend. I wrote Song for a friend shortly after I moved to Phoenix from California and shortly after the passing of my long time friend and writing partner Gabriel. Long road home I wrote a very long time ago and one I play all the time. Lastly As time goes by this song goes way back. I tried recording this one so many times over the years but never liked the mix until now.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul


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R.E.’s Style © 2015 R.E. Fort

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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