Life On An Endless Loop

Life On An Endless Loop

[Copyright 2012 by R.E. Fort]

In this CD, Life On an Endless Loop. I play a lot more of the Fenders but also introduces the Ibanez on a few tracks playing solo. As always the Fender acoustic electric is holding down the rhythm.

Never too far awayA smooth jazz ballad with a great groove
Groovy – Bluesy, rock  with a funky groove
One Night in LAA funky blues jam with a fun grove
Til you come back to me – A wonderful ballad I love
You and I – Beautiful ballad with wonderful a melody
Chill out – Smooth jazz meets chill
CruisinA cool smooth jazz song for taking that drive
Endless – is one of my favorites and I hope yours as well
Please don’t say you love meSmooth jazz ballad
When night falls – Chill and blues with a sweet melody and groove


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Life on an Endless Loop


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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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