April 2015 New music release

R.E.’s Style

[copyright 2015 by R.E. Fort]

Is my 8th release and in my opinion some of my very best work. From blues to ballads with soft rock and smooth jazz to mix everything it out, this collection has a lot to say. There are seven new tracks and three never released classic’s written years ago. To read more about this release click here.

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Without music, life has no soul

Let the weekend begin

Some Blues and Groves to get you moving

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Playlist Valentines day

Happy Valentines day.

Here is a collection of ballads and soft jams to relax with your special someone.

The ballads


Playlist January 2015

January ‘s playlist is a collection of upbeat songs from my collection. Writing is therapy for me, a way of relaxing and letting go of stress and losing myself in the process. Even though writing does bring its own stress and is sometimes extremely hard work, I enjoy the process of creating something from nothing.

In this collection of 8 samples, I have pulled together some of my favorites going back to one of my early releases Island Life for the song Oh yeah, up to my recent release From then until now for the song Penguin walk.

I am putting the finishing touches on a new release now that I hope you find as fun to listen too as I do. Check back here and on my Facebook page for details.

Without music, life has no soul