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For June 2018, I’ve put together a video playlist of 4 of my favorite tracks from my CD 10 These four tracks, Make It A Double, So Cool, One Step Closer To You and Storm Bringer span, smooth jazz, soft rock and ballads. This post has full length tracks in video form. To see all my videos check out my video page here and check me out on YouTube . Below the video player find the store for the compete collection, 10 and a brief description of each track.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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10 Copyright 2017 © R.E. Fort

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Storm Bringer
So Cool
Highway 101
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The Tracks

Make It A Double This one just rocks, blues mixed with a cool smooth jazz groove. I love the second solo, chord changes and drum tracks. This is one of those tracks where I blend a little blues with a smooth jazz groove. This track is so much fun and really gets you tapping you feet. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017. Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad 

So Cool This track is one of my favorite cool jazz jams. I knew I wanted it to have the true blues/jazz feel, so I switched up guitars and with went to my 1980’s Schafer hollow body for that rich sounding melody. Then I used my Fender Stratocaster for the solo. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017. Genre = Smooth Jazz

One Step Closer To You I love this track, it has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody. I keep hearing“With every breath I take I get one step closer to you”. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017. Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad 

Storm Bringer A classic rock opera I wrote way back in the 80’s with my late writing partner and good friend Gabe Sinohui. After years of playing this track without the band, I felt it was time to re-record this with just piano, strings, guitars, and some cool drums. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017. Genre = Soft Rock


Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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