Sunday’s relaxing playlist

Sunday’s relaxing playlist

This Sunday 8-26-18 I found myself wanting to relax and listen to some cool music. So I put together a playlist of 6 tracks spanning four of my CD’s. This playlist has A Walk In The Rain, – Solitude, – One Step closer To You, – Your Kiss, – Night Grooves and – When Night Falls. 


These 6 tracks are a combination of Smooth Jazz, Chill and Ballads. These are some of my absolute favorite tracks from my CD’s 10 © 2017,  I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016, From Then Until Now © 2013 and Life On An Endless Loop © 2012. Keep your eyes and ears open for a new CD coming soon. 


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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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The Tracks

A Walk In The Rain, is a beautiful ambient or atmosphere track, soft flowing and relaxing. I love the picking and the interplay between the instrument on this track. Genre = Ambient

Solitude, is a beautiful, and very relaxing song. The song is simply the piano, a haunting guitar with a subtle strings. Genre = Ballad, Ambient

One Step Close To you, has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody. I keep hearing “With every breath I take I get one step closer to you”. Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad

Your Kiss
Your Kiss, is a beautiful smooth jazz ballad with a big arrangement of strings, drums and guitar’s. One of my favorites from I’m Gonna Let It Ride. Genre = Smooth Jazz.

Night Grooves
Night Grooves, feels like I’m sitting in an after hours club or speak easy somewhere relaxing with a scotch in hand listening to some musicians laying down the groove. Genre = Chill, Smooth Jazz

When Night Falls, blues meets chill, in this cool jam. With a great melody played on the Fender Acoustic Electric guitar. Genre = Blues, Chill

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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