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Hello fellow stuck at home music fans. With everyone trying to figure out this new life of isolation works. I thought why not enjoy some cool music videos. So, here is a video playlist of tracks from the CD’s 10 and I’m Gonna Let It Ride. I created this playlist on my YouTube channel thinking it would give everyone a chance to relax and also jam to some good music.

The tracks in this video playlist are: A Walk In The Rain, perfect to relax and let that stress fall away. Your Kiss, a cool upbeat smooth jazz track to get you moving. One Step Closer to You, a smooth jam that will have you smiling and relaxing. I Miss You, a beautiful ballad made for lovers to chill out too.  So Cool, a very cool jazz/smooth jazz jam that will have you feeling cool. Lastly Never Meant To make You Cry, a very cool smooth jazz ballad.

I hope you enjoy this video post and remember, be healthy, take care of yourself and your loved ones and most of all, be kind to everyone.

Stay home relax and enjoy some music videos. Without Music Life Has No Soul

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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