Book Review: The Muzzle Job (Abby Kane FBI Thriller Book 14)

Hello I’m R E Fort and welcome to my Book Reviews. In this review, I’m covering the fourteenth book in the Ty Hutchinson series, Abby Kane Thriller. The book is named, The Muzzle Job. The music track behind my voice in this post is the title track Living In Strange Time’s from my 2020 release. This track will also be on my September Featured tracks playlist so keep your eye’s and ear’s open for the new post coming soon. You can find it and my other playlist on my YouTube, Spotify channels and of course on my website I hope you enjoy the track. Let’s get to the review.

Book Review of The Muzzle Job

In this book, Ty has reunited Abby and her father Ardal on a quest to find and save her mother from a psychopath named The Puzzle Maker. Abby always thought that her father was a banker but now the truth is out, Ardal is a retired Irish intelligence officer who’s past is coming back to haunt him and his family.

Ardal kept his secrets from Abby, but after getting kidnapped in Russia, waking up in Alaska and escaping from his captures. He worked his way down to San Francisco, all the way worrying about his wife.

Once he confesses the truth to Abby, about his life and that he believes her mother has been kidnapped and is being used as a pawn in the puzzle makers game. Abby knows she must do what ever it takes to save her mother.

Everything starts to click into place regarding her last case in Yorba City. Why after capturing the murder and finding his collection of the victims tattooed skin, was there an image of her father. But she still finds it hard to believe that someone would kill all of those people in California just to loop her into this puzzle. The hunt is on for her Mother and the Puzzle Maker.

As I’ve said before, Ty is an excellent writer, and this book was a great example of that. He has once again created a very compelling and captivating suspense filled story. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give The Muzzle Job is a solid, 5. This was a great story.

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