Happy Birthday grandson

Three years ago a little man came into my life that changed me completely. That little man was my grandson Tyson. As a father of three amazing kids, I thought I would be ready for my first grandchild but I was wrong. The bond and connection you feel with your grand children is different then with your kids. Yes some would say it’s because you can send them back home to their parents, and in an sense that is true. But, there is something about seeing the next generation in the family story smiling up at you that changes everything.

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I can say this, what ever that little guy needs I will be there for him. I want to be there when he gets his first haircut, starts school, learns to ride a bike and falls in love for the first time. 

My mother was right, once a parent always a parent.

Happy Birthday little man. This song, Tyson’s Lullaby, was written for you as soon as I heard I was going to be a grandparent, and I’ve played it for you while you where an infant and a toddler. 


Love you my little boo boo bear, Papa.

      Tyson's Lullaby - © 2017 R.E Fort - R.E. Fort

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