Featured Tracks Playlist April 2019

For April’s playlist I decided to share only tracks from the CD 10, my latest release. The CD 10 has a little bit of everything from Smooth Jazz, Ballad’s Cool Jazz and a few Blues tracks. So for this post, I’ve also put together a special collection with a special price for these 6 tracks. You can find it just below the player. So, if you love the tracks, you can purchase them in one step. As a added special, I’ve added the full video for Chasing Aries at the button of the page. As always, these tracks and many others are available on Google Play Store

The 6 tracks in this post from my CD 10 are, So Cool, a smooth but very cool jazz song. Make It A Double a uptempo cool jazz song with a great solo and bass line. One Step Closer To You one of my absolute favorite ballads. Chasing Aries a very cool acoustic jazz song. Highway 101 a track that sounds like a jazz quartet is playing in some smoky jazz club and lastly Reprise one of my favorite blues jams. All tracks are from my CD 10 and all music in this post are Copyright © 2017 by R E Fort

Hope you enjoy

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April 2019 Playlist
April 2019 Playlist

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Chasing Aries
Copyright © 2017 by R E Fort

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I Hope you enjoy

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