Book Review The Lost Prophet: Ancient Origins Book 6

Book Review:

The Lost Prophet: Ancient Origins Book 6

Hello fellow readers, in this book review I’m covering book 6 in the Ancient Origins series The Lost Prophet by Robert Storey. The tracks playing in this post are from my CD’s, 10, © 2017 R.E. Fort, I’m Gonna Let It Ride, © 2016 R.E. Fort, R.E.’s Style, © 2015 R.E. Fort, Life On An Endless Loop, © 2012 R.E. Fort, and From Then Until Now, © 2013 R.E. Fort.

The President of the United States, John Henry, the first independent to be elected to the office since President Washington. Is battling to save the United States and the rest of the world from the clutches of the GMRC and the pending asteroid strikes headed for the US and beyond. John Henry must decide if he can trust the team of Professor Steiner, Jessica, Eric and BIC, who have shown him some of what the GMRC has hidden from him, and the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, in Central Asia, Sarah Morgan finds herself unwillingly working with Avery Cantrell, a cardinal with the Catholic church. They, along with his team, are on a secret Vatican expedition. Sarah has agreed to help because her closes friends, Jason and Trish are supposedly already at the dig site. But once at the site, she finds her friends are missing and members of the expedition are being killed. Sarah finds herself doubting everything she has been told and even her own sanity. The new discoveries they find at the dig site may save all of humanity if, they can find the secrets of the Anakim people.

While this book, and for that matter the entire series, has a slight religious feel to it. It really takes on a religious tone in this book. References are made to the end of days and we are also introduced to The Knights of the Apocalypse, a fundamentalist group bent on stopping the Vatican at all cost.

This book and the series has been a great read. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give The Lost Prophet a 5. The story is very captivating, fast paced and a great read for the science fiction and adventure readers. I look forward to the next in the series.

The Tracks

Storm Bringer
Storm Bringer – 10 – © 2017 R.E Fort. A very cool and haunting track from the CD 10.

I’m Gonna Let It Ride – I’m Gonna Let It Ride – © 2016 R.E Fort. The title track from I’m Gonna Let It Ride A smoking hot blue rock track.

The Usual
The Usual – R.E.’s Style – © 2015 R.E. Fort. A very cool smooth jazz track with a big sound.

Night Grooves
Night Grooves – From Then Until Now – © 2013 R.E. Fort. A very cool smooth jazz / chill song great for relaxing too.

Groovy – Life on an Endless loop © 2012 R.E. Fort. A little rock and a little blues make up this cool jam.

Something About Your Smile – From Then Until Now – © 2013 R.E. Fort. A great ballad

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