Featured Tracks: October 2015

October’s playlist

This month I’m going back to one of my early CD’s Thought’s for the track Green Eye’sGreen Eyes is one of my favorite early smooth jazz songs, mostly guitars, piano that I never get tired of listening too. Night Grooves on From the until now is so smooth and grooving I am listening to it all the time.  It’s always been you from R.E.’s Style is a great a ballad and to me one of my very best. From then until now the title of that CD is a wonderful guitar jazz track. I just can’t listening to The usual from R.E.’s Style 

I hope you enjoy

Without music, life has no soul

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Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. www.refort.co My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.

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  1. Listening to Green Eyes from the CD Thoughts reminds me of how far I’ve come as a writer. That song was written back in 2008. I think the song still sounds great. Enjoy

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