Book Review: The Sigma Protocol

Book Review: The Sigma Protocol

In this review I cover a Robert Ludlum book, The Sigma Protocol. This is such an action packed book with great characters that I found myself not sleeping staying up way to late unable to put it down. 

The story starts with our hero, Ben Hartmen waiting for a car to take him from the Hotel St. Gotthard in Switzerland to a private air strip. On yet another business trip, shaking hands and making more money for his father’s company. He wonders why he ever gave in to his father and joined the company.  But after the sudden death of his twin brother he felt he had to help his father.  Waiting outside for the car, lost in thoughts of his discussions, his life, and his brother’s death he catches of glimpse of an old college buddy he hasn’t seen in years. He’s even more surprised when his old buddy starts shooting at him right in front of the hotel. Ben runs for his life on a wild chase through the downtown area. Ben turns tables on his attacker surprising and killing him before finding out why he wanted to kill him. He soon finds himself arrested by the local police and questioned for the shooting as if he was the shooter. 

Only later does he realize that his presence in Switzerland has triggered a series of events that has put his life in danger and could change the world. His twin brother had started investigating an old secret shadow company that started just before the end of WW II. The members of this company or organization were some of the richest and brightest minds from all over the world and some of the most notorious Nazi loyalist ever. All joined together for what?  This book has so many plot twists and surprises it will keep you reading for hours at a time. 

On my must read scale of 1 don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give Sigma Protocol a:  4.5 It’s a strong book with a great storyline and strong characters

“When Night Falls – Life on an endless loop” and “Night Grooves – From then until now” two of my favorite tracks.

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