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Each month a new playlist. A new mix of some of my favorite tunes.
Over the years, I have written lots of music and like everything, time gives you a chance to grow. My music is always evolving and growing in new exciting directions.  Sharing my music is sharing what moves me. As I’ve said before song writing is not only a passion, it’s part of what makes me who I am.

Some playlist have special prices or, a special discount code good for the entire month in my music store. 

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Without music, life has no soul

Below it are links to previous months playlist


Featured Tracks Playlist May 2021

Welcome In this The May Featured Tracks playlist podcast episode I am featuring four awesome tracks. My Haunted Mind, Never Another Love Like Ours, I Can’t Say Goodbye, and One Step Closer To You. The tracks in the podcasts are samples but you can find the full playlist on my YouTube Channel and my website
All four tracks in this post are available on your favorite streaming and download service so, let’s get to the music.

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Featured Tracks April 2021

In April’s Featured Tracks post, I’m introducing my podcast, just search for R E Fort. In the post I introduce and play samples of the tracks. Full tracks in this post can be heard on my website or on my YouTube channel playlist. Remember, Without Music Life Has No Soul

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  1. The Playlist page with a link to each months special priced playlist is a great deal and a great link for music to work too.

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