Book Review: The Puzzle Maker (Abby Kane FBI Thriller Book 13)

Hello I’m R E Fort and welcome to my website and podcast episodes Book Reviews. In this review, I’m covering the thirteenth book in the Ty Hutchinson series, Abby Kane FBI Thriller. The book is named, The Puzzle Maker. The music track behind my voice in this post is named Run With Me from my 2020 release, Living In strange Times. This track will also be on my August Featured tracks playlist so keep your eye’s and ear’s open for the new post coming soon. You can find it and my other playlist on my YouTube, Spotify channels and of course on my website I hope you enjoy the track. Let’s get to the review.

Book Review of The Puzzle Maker

1. Podcast Book Review of - The Puzzle Maker     

In this book, Ty has taken our favorite FBI agent Abby Kane and placed her and her partner Kyle in the small town of Yuba City, to help solve a strange set of murders in this fog-drenched town.

Abby is now the Special Agent in Charge of the San Francisco FBI field office. Because of her, now public profile, after solving some truly horrendous murders, she and her partner Kyle have been asked to come up to Yuba City in the Sacramento Valley. The local police and local FBI office is stumped trying to solve a string of strange murders.

Abby and Kyle are dealing with a fog that is so thick the entire town seems to shut down during the season, giving the killer the perfect camouflage. As more evidence is found it leads them to an unbelievable possibility, their killer may be blind. Which raises all new questions, how could a blind person commit these murders and if the murder is blind how can is he able to remove the skin from the backs of the victims with such skill and precision.

Of course, Ty has a side story that I can only assume will lead to the next book. A man wakes up in Alaska with no memory of how and why he is being held against his will. After escaping he makes is way through Alaska and then Canada heading to the United States. Leaving a trail of bodies behind him.

As I’ve said before, Ty is an excellent writer, and this book is an good example of that. He has once again created a very compelling story in a very captivating suspense filled story. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give The Puzzle Maker is a solid, 5. This is a captivating story and a great read.

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