Book Review: The Prometheus Deception

In this review I cover a Robert Ludlum book called, The Prometheus Deception. What a story, well written and full of crazy twists and side plots. The story starts with our hero, Bryson working under deep cover as the Technician, to stop a terrorist organization from overthrowing a government. Everything seems to be going fine until the terrorist find the weapons provided by the Technician are defective. Their leader turns on Bryson nearly killing him. He narrowly escapes and is flown to a secret hospital and treated for near fatal wounds.

The story then picks up back at the headquarters of the Directorate where we meet Bryson’s boss and mentor, Ted Waller. Ted is one of the top men at the clandestine organization called the Directorate. Ted turns on and then fires Bryson for the screw up that nearly cost him his life. He gives him a new life as a professor in a small town university. Bryson first finds it hard to adjust but once he’s settled in he finds he truly enjoys his new life as a teacher, until the inevitable happens. His old life returns threatening his life and everything he has ever believed in.

This book is extremely fast paced with twists, conspiracies and counter conspiracies that cover a global scale as only Robert Ludlum can do.

On my must read scale of 1 don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give The Prometheus Deception a:  4.5 It’s a strong book with a great storyline and strong characters

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  1. This was a great book

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