Featured Tracks: September 2015

This month six old and new tracks, going back to my first CD to my most recent. Each a favorite of mine and I hope yours too.

The usual from R.E.’s Style is such a great jam that I never get tired of playing or hearing. Oh Yeah from Island Life written in 2008 with its funky rhythm and bass line always get me moving. Night Grooves on From the until now is so smooth and grooving. Please don’t say you love me from Life on an endless loop is where some Smooth Jazz, meets Blues.  Groovin the smoking section from Lust Love and other Distractions is smooth blues with a nice acoustic guitar melody and solo. Song for a friend from R.E.’s Style, I wrote years ago after the passing of one my dearest friends and fellow guitarist. In this recording I added to the beautiful guitar picking lush and deep strings. 

I hope you enjoy


Without music, life has no soul

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Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. www.refort.co My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.

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  1. A new playlist with some great tracks. Now with a visitors comments section.

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