2016 review of: Book reviews

Looking back over my 2016’s book reviews. I’m pretty surprised I squeezed in 19 books while working, writing music and living life in general. I started the year with a review of one of my favorite writers James Patterson and the book Burn. I finished the year with The Atlantis World by A.G. Riddle. Wow 19 books, a new CD, work and my first grandchild, what a year.

Stand outs of the year

This year I found a few new amazing writers. Ty Hutchinson and his amazing Abby Kane and Sei Assassin Thrillers. Also A.G. Riddle and The Origin Mystery series, all I can highly recommend.

Cross Fire and Cross Justice by James Patterson are amazing. Ty Hutchinson Abby Kane and Sei Assassin Thrillers are extremely captivating. I cant forget A.G. Riddle’s The Origin Mystery series. A mix of science fiction and thriller, are lots of fun.

Favorite of the year

So I asked myself while sitting in a Dallas Texas airport waiting to fly home after a business trip. Out of the 19 books, which was my favorite?  I’m going to give it to David Baldacci and The Whole Truth. Simply a great suspense novel.

Read for education, personal growth, escape or fun, as long as you read, that is the key.

Learn something new everyday or you’re a waste of oxygen lol

Here are two sample tracks from my latest CD 10

One Step closer to you and Make it a double.

I hope you enjoy


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