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Book Review: Cross Fire

James Patterson is and will always be one of my favorite suspense writers and his Alex Cross books I look forward too and are some of my very favorites.

In Cross Fire he reunites Alex with his arch nemesis Kyle Craig “The Mastermind” . Kyle Craig who Alex captured in another novel “no spoiler here read the series” and was sent to the maximum security prison in Colorado only to escape and begin his relentless taunting of Alex over a number of novels.

Cross Fire

As only James Patterson can do, he interweaves Alex’s love of family, his pending wedding to the love if his life Brianna “Bree”, snipers taking out corrupt public officials from a distance and with a skill only seen from military vets, a deranged killer carving complicated math formulas into his victims and Kyle Craig “The Mastermind” always close and taunting Alex at every step, all of this in one action packed book. This book was simply amazing and a great read.

On my must read scale of 1 don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give Cross Fire a solid: 5 It’s a great story full of action and suspense it will draw you in and you can never miss with an Alex Cross novel.

I suggest that you check out all the Alex Cross novels and if you’re not a reader check out the movies from the 1997 classic Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman playing Alex Cross to the more recent with Tyler Perry.


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