Octobers Featured Tracks Playlist

Hello music fans. For October’s playlist I wanted to listen to some easy listening and cool tracks that would be perfect for those days and nights of autumn. Sweaters on, the smells of cinnamon and spices cooking in the air. I think these tracks, fit perfectly.

The Tracks

From my CD 10 © 2017, I added two tracks starting with, A Walk In The Rain. This song fits autumn perfectly with its beautiful sound canvas and melody. Perfect for those walks in the rain. Also from the CD 10 one of my all time favorite smooth jazz ballads, One Step Closer To You. This groove is just beautiful, with its clean electric piano, bass guitar, cool percussion’s and solo guitar work.

Tracks from the CD 10 are now available on streaming and digital download services here are a few links.


Smooth As I Wanna BeFrom my CD, Smooth As I Wanna Be © 2019, I’ve added the track, I Can’t Say Goodbye, this is one of my all time favorite ballads. It has such a clean sound, of piano, strings, drums, bass guitar and acoustic guitar for the melody and solo work.


For a little more fun and uptempo groove, I added from the CD, From Then Until Now © 2013, the track, Night Grooves. This track has beautiful effects a great sound canvas with multiple instruments interacting with counter melodies and two different guitars playing the melody.


From the CD, R E’s Style © 2015, the track, It’s Always Been You, is another great ballad with great piano, strings and guitar solos. This ballad is simply beautiful, I love the musical arrangement I did on this track.


Last from the CD, Life On An Endless Loop © 2012, the track, When Night Falls. This track has a great sound canvas of effects and rhythms. The guitar work on this track was played on a acoustic electric guitars.


All the tracks from the CD 10 are now available on streaming and digital download services with more to come soon.

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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