2016 a year in review

2016 in Review

What a year it has been. I started 2016 with a new saying “New Year New Life”.  So I started a new job in 2016 and I love it. More importantly we now have a new member of the family, our first grandson, Tyson Clifford Starks, who has brought more joy and laughter in our world then I could imagine.

I hope 2017, regardless of the news networks, politics and craziness in the world, brings joy, peace health and prosperity to everyone.

The photos in the video are just a few of trips and family events this year. The song is “Your Kiss” from my 2016 release “I’m gonna let it ride

I hope you enjoy

Without music, Life has no soul

Summer love – video

Summer Love

A wrote this ballad many years ago as a straight ahead guitar picking song. Over the years I’ve wanted to release it but just couldn’t find the right string sounds until now. Summer love could be considered an ambient or movie theme track but I love it. The string arrangement took lots of time but I think the drums where the biggest challenge. Programming the breaks and transitions is always challenge but is also one of my favorite parts. Being able to hear what you want and then struggle to make it happen is very rewarding. All of the animated scenic shots in this video I found for free on various websites. the rest are photos I’ve taken and animation I created.

You will find this track on my ninth album  “I’m gonna let it ride”.  The album has eight cool tracks with a mix of Ballads, Blues and Smooth Jazz. Check out Never meant to make you cry, I miss you and the title track I’m gonna let it ride.

Summer Love Copyright © 2016
 "I'm gonna let it ride"
Without music life has no soul

Snarky Puppy on YouTube

A good friend of mine turned me onto them and I am now hocked. You have to give this group a listen. Snarky Puppy shouldn’t be called a band, they are more of jazz-rock fusion orchestra putting together some amazing music.

Now this is music

Without music life has no soul

Video Release: The way you move

The way you move

“I’m gonna let it ride”
Copyright © 2016 R.E. Fort

The way you move, is a blues jam with a hot bass line and guitar work. Sometimes it only takes the right drum track of bass line to get a song moving. With “The way you move” it was a little of both. I started playing around with some drum tracks and next thing I know, I grad the bass and start laying it down.  Next came the rhythm guitar and everything fell into place. This is a funky blues grove that has a lot of energy and I hope you enjoy it.


For more from the album “I’m gonna let it ride”
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Without music, life has no soul

Video Release: Solitude


I’m gonna let it ride
Copyright © 2016 R E Fort

Solitude, is a beautiful, and very relaxing song. The song is simply the piano, a haunting guitar with a subtle strings. I wrote this one on the piano one evening and found myself playing it every time I sat at the piano. When I decided to record this track I spent a lot of time trying to decide how to produce it. But after listening to just the piano one day I knew I needed to keep this one simple and let the melody and music speak. 

The video is a mix of some interesting free video loops I found and then mixed with a few photos and animation I created.

For more videos check out my video page.

For more from the album “I’m gonna let it ride” click here

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Without music, life has no soul

YouTube release: Your Kiss

Your kiss

from the album
I’m gonna let it ride
Copyright 2016 R.E. Fort

Over the weekend I released on my YouTube channel the track Your kiss, a smooth jazz, upbeat song with a lush soundscape and a moving melody. I really like this track it has such a cool groove. I played the melody and solo on the Fender Stratocaster. The piano, drums and orchestra sounds are played on M-Audio keyboard controllers triggering Sonar, my digital recording software. Want to check our more videos click here

The photos are from around Saguaro Lake AZ an absolutely beautiful drive up Power road which turns into N Bush Hwy and runs along the Salt River.

Without music, life has no soul