Long road home – R.E.’s Style © 2015

Long road home © 2015″ on the release, R.E.’s Style was written many years ago and one I play on the guitar every chance I get. My kids grew up hearing me play this song and over the years they have bugged and nagged at me to record and release it. So late last year I sat down and started to record and orchestrate it.

Now that my kids are all grown up, I often find myself thinking back to the days when my house was full of kids running, playing and breaking everything in sight. So to remind them and myself of those wonderful years, I gave in and recorded the song and I am so glad I did. This song takes me back, not only to the days when my children where young but to my youth as well.

On this track I’m playing my Fender Acoustic electric, Fender Stratocaster, Cort Bass, a M-Audio 88 keyboard controller using the midi and recording software I have always used, Sonar or (Cakewalk). This, as with all of my music is recorded in my home studio.

I hope you enjoy

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