Book Review: “Awaken The Superhero In You.” by Clifford Starks (my son)

Hello fellow readers. In this review, I have the honor of writing about my son’s first book, “Awaken The Superhero In You.” by Clifford Starks. Now I can’t promise to be truly objective because, well I’m extremely proud of my son Clifford and his first book, but let’s get to the review of  “Awaken The Superhero In You.” by Clifford Starks.

Awaken The Superhero In You
by Clifford Starks

1. Book review Awaken The Superhero In You     

Awaken The Superhero In You, is a motivational or self help book. Now, I have never been a fan of these books but after reading Clifford’s, I must admit I’ve changed my mind. In his book he’s added great ideas and best practices that will help you unlock the inner you or as Clifford says Awaken the Superhero in you. In some ways the book takes the approach of a workbook. Not with blank pages to fill out, no. But action items and tasks that if you follow, will help in unlocking the better you, the stronger, bigger and thinking better you.

Awaken The Superhero In You suggest that, you look at yourself as a garden, that you can grow into something amazing, with a little bit of maintenance. It provides methods for cultivating good, and pruning bad habits. Ways to build on the tools and strengths, you need to find in unlocking your inner greatness. Simple rules like, build a list of why’s. Why are you doing this? save them, remember them. Because the more you have, the more reasons you will have to keep going when things get hard. 

This book is filled with great ideas and best practices that I feel, can and will change your life for the better. Well done son, this book is amazing. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being do not bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Awaken The Superhero In You, a 5. This book is a quick read but one that I’m sure you will reference back too often. I would suggest this to any reader looking to better themselves. 

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