Jamming on our Birthday

My brother Keith and I share the same birthday only three years apart. This year for his 50th, we got together at his house and had an amazing time. As always when Keith and I get together a jam session begins. This time some friends and amazing musicians stopped by and we played late into the night. Here is a short video of me playing my Stratocaster and jamming with these amazing musicians. Keith is doing the video work and as you can tell I didn’t know it was happening until he posted this on his Instagram account. I have no idea what song this is either, but the chord changes Chris was laying down and the bass line that Bernard Williams was rocking were so cool I had to sit down and start playing.  

Hope you enjoy this short little video

Well it looks like this is not streaming any more. For those that want to take a look at this quick short video click here 



50th birthday jam session at my house 01.

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