Happy New Years 2020

Hello friends and family. Happy New Years and Happy New Decade, unless you agree with the Farms Almanac and then we must wait until next year. For me, I think I’m going for it so, Happy New Decade (early). LOL

What an amazing year it was. On a personal note, this year has been full of family events, like my uncles 100th birthday, Happy Birthday uncle, family reunions and travel for work and pleasure. We’ve reconnected with old friends, family we haven’t seen in years and made new friends along the way.

On a musical note, sorry pun intended, this year I released my newest CD Smooth As I Wanna Be and I pushed it along with two other CD’s through digital distribution, CDBaby. Now you can find 3 of my Cd’s, Smooth As I Wanna Be, my 2017 release 10 and my 2016 release I’m Gonna Let It Ride on all your favorite music streaming and download services. Follow the links below this post to find me.

A big thanks to my wife and family for making me take the next step with my music. How Exciting is that.

I wish you and yours and productive, exciting and prosperous New Year in 2020.

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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